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Guide to InTouch from Peplink 

InTouch is a unique and easy option to provide engineers access to devices on the LAN of a Peplink device, without the need for a VPN or port-forwarding via a public IP address to the device.  InTouch is also auditable, InControl adds a log entry when an InTouch user logs in and their account can be removed if the engineer leaves or changes position – ensuring the end device remains protected. 

InTouch requires a SpeedFusion Connect subscription. 

Configuring SpeedFusion Connect 

Login to the device and select the SpeedFusion Connect menu option 

Select “chose Cloud Location” 



From the dropdown list of available locations, select the best location (the one with the lowest latency, where indicated):- 


Click the Green tick to confirm the location selected.  A further 2 more locations can be added, but aren’t needed for InTouch to work. 

Once the locations have been selected, Apply the Changes 


NOTE – for InTouch, there is no need to create Outbound policies or specific clients to use the SpeedFusion Connect VPN’s. 


To configure InTouch: 

InTouch is configured using InControl:- 

From the device page on InControl, click the “Clients” menu option  



This will display a list of clients attached to the Peplink device (wired and Wireless) 




Click the InTouch button next to the client device to be managed 


Complete the fields as necessary and click Ok 



It is possible that the same client device has more than one port available, depending on the type of device.  Click the “Add” button to add more clients or add more entries for the same client.  Once finished, click “Save Changes”. 


InTouch is now configured for the clients attached to this Peplink device. 




Using InTouch to access the Client device 


Login to InControl, from the device page, there is a new “InTouch” menu, click the button to view the clients available to be accessed using InTouch 




Click the appropriate client to manage 


InTouch will open a new tab on the browser allowing you to connect to the client selected.  Depending on the device, you'll see the appropriate login screen:-

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